November 13, 2019

Life Storytellers Series: David + Courtney

Life Storytellers Series, Birth, Wedding

We are so excited for this series! Our purpose is to photograph LIFE. We love every single treasured moment we get to capture for each one of our clients. We have clients that have given us the honor of telling their story over the course of many years now. This series is a tribute to our “lifers”. Some of our editing styles have changed through the years… so they might look a little different than what we produce now. Selecting only a few from each time with them was SO HARD, but we picked some of our favorites that we felt best represented our time with them and our style.

The first thing you’ll see in each post is our client’s WHY. Why they choose to have us document their stories over and over again. We’ve omitted the name of the photographer(s) simply because we believe that each of our photographers possess the same attributes that are mentioned by our amazing clients, and we want to showcase that as a company and not just a single individual. We are so humbled by these replies, and honored to tell their stories.


JUNE 25, 2015 - PRESENT

"I choose Jennifer Christi Photo & Video to tell our stories for so many reasons. [Our photographer] is a vulnerable woman. She shares her heart and loves well. She instantly makes you feel like a friend and that is something I look forward to with each memory she captures. I have also had the privilege of having two other photographers from this company and they were also very pleasant and accommodating to our wishes and needs. [Our photographer] has always gone above and beyond the call, and someone who I can now call friend simply because of how well she loves through her work. I also appreciate sticking with one photographer as much as possible, because I know what to expect and you and the photographer can capture your moments that much better because they know you more as well. Overall, I love Jennifer Christi Photo & Video, and am so thankful for everything they have done for my family in the moments they have captured for us."

06.25.2015 FAIRY TALE

01.06.2016 PREQUEL

09.10.2016 NEW RELEASE

04.11.2019 NEW RELEASE

Thank you, courtney + david, for letting us capture so many beautiful moments for you!

We would be honored to capture your life moments. Did you know that as a ‘thank-you’ we give all of our returning clients a 10% discount on portrait session? You can learn more about having us tell your story by [clicking here].