November 12, 2019

Wedding Planning: Why Choose JCPV?

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Let's sit down and have a coffee conversation.

You know, the kind of conversation that we'd have if we were across the table from each other, or maybe sitting alongside one another on a cozy couch. The kind where we chat as friends, and not as someone who has something to buy and someone with something to sell.

Now that we've set the tone... we'd love to share something with you.

We want you to know that you matter.

You and your fiancé have a story to tell. And we don't just mean on your wedding day. We mean every day of your life. Your relationship holds great value and you two add substance to this world. We know that you are not planning just one day... but you are planning a future and a journey. You both have dreams, aspirations, and goals—individually and as a couple. You are choosing to chase these together and be each other's cheerleader and teammate.

That matters to us. YOU matter to us.

We are life storytellers... we're not just there for the day.

There are many photographers that specialize in one area. Some are wedding photographers, newborn photographers, or child photographers. This can be a beautiful thing because they've often found their niche and they do it WELL.

However... our niche is less about the type of session and more about specializing in telling the important moments of our client's lives. And we believe our client's lives are important at any given moment.

All of this to say, we will be there for more than just your wedding day.

We want to get to know you and your fiancé. We'd be honored to tell your story again, and again, and again, and again. The anniversaries, the special occasions, the newest family member (whether furry or human), the birthday parties... the list goes on. LIFE is our specialty, and we love to tell your story.

So why choose us?

Because we want be there to help you remember the big things in life... and all the moments in between.

Let's chat some more. Click 'Say Hello', and tell us more about yourself!

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